Book Collections
Nos. Title of the Books  Authors Name PressMonth & Year
1 Advanced Java Networking Dick et al. Prentice Hall Mar. 2000
2 Beginning GTK +/ GNOME Programming P.Wright Wrox May, 2000
3 Beginning Java 2 Ivor Horton Wrox Mar. 2000
4 Beginning Java Objects Jacquie Barker Wrox Nov. 2000
5Beginning WAP: WML and WML Script MengLee et al. Wrox Dec. 2000
6Beginning XHTML Boumphrey et. Wrox Apr. 2000
7 Building Oracle XML Applications Stene Muench O'Reilly Sep. 2000
8 CORBA-3 Fundamentals and Programming Jon Siegal OMG Jun. 2000
9 Core Servlets and Java Server Pages Marty Hall Microsoft Jun. 2000
10 Database Programming with JDBC and JAVA George Reese O'Reilly Aug. 2000
11 Developing e-Commerce Sites V.Sharma et al. Addison-Wesley Apr. 2000
12 Distributed Object Architecture with CORBA H.Balen et al. Camb.Univ. Apr. 2000
13E-Business and E-Commerce: How to Program M.Deitel et al. Prentice Hall Jul. 2000
14 E-Commerce Application Using Oracle8i and Java from Scratch M. Thakkar Que Apr. 2000
15 Enterprise Application Integration W.A.Ruh John Wiley Oct. 2000
16 Enterprise Application Integration S.Linthicum Addison-Wesley Oct. 2000
17 Enterprise Development with VisualAge for Java R.Nilsson et al. John Wiley Oct. 2000
18 Enterprise Application Integration with CORBA Ron Zahavi John Wiley Oct. 2000
19 Enterprise JavaBeans R.Monson O'Reilly Mar. 2000
20 Essential Oracle8i Data Warehousing G.Dodge et al. John Wiley Sep. 2000
21 FLASH 4! Creative Web Animation Franklin et al. Peachpit Jan. 2000
22 IBM WebSphere Starter Kit N.R.Ben-Natan McGraw Hill May, 2000
23 Instant Java Servlets Phil Hanna McGraw Hill May 2000
24 Java and XML B.McLaughin O'Reilly Jun. 2000
25 Java Examples in a NutShell D.Flanagan O'Reilly Sep. 2000
26 Java Network Programming M.Hughes et al. Manning Oct. 1999
27 Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition Shannon et al. Addison-Wesley Aug. 2000
28Java Script Unleashed A.Wyke et al. Sams Jun. 2000
29 Learning Java N.Patrick et al. O'Reilly May. 2000
30 Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Ed Roman John Wiley Apr. 1999
31ORACLE8i Java Component Programming with EJB, CORBA, and JSP Nirva et al. Oracle May, 2000
32 Perl, CGI, and JavaScript Complete Sybex Team SyBex Apr. 2000
33 PHP-Fast and Easy Web Development C.Meloni Prima Tech 2000
34 Professional ASP k.Avedal et al. Wrox May 2000
35 Professional ASP XML R.Blair et al. Wrox Jun. 2000
36Professional Java2 Enterprise Edition with BEA WebLogic Server PacoGomez et al. Wrox Nov. 2000
37 Professional Java Server Programming Sing Li et al. Wrox Aug. 1999
38Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition Tom Myers Wrox sep. 2000
39 Professional Jini Sing Li et al. Wrox Jul. 2000
40Professional Linux Deployment Boerner et al. Wrox Jan. 2000
41Professional Linux Programming N.Mathew et al. Wrox Oct. 2000
42 Professional WAP Archart et al. Wrox Jul. 2000
43 Professional Windows DNA Loesgen et al. Wrox Sep. 2000
44 Professional XML Anderson et al. Wrox Jan. 2000
45Programming with VisiBroker Natarajan et al. John Wiley Nov. 2000
46 Special Edition-Using Java Server Pages and Servelets Mark Wutka Que Oct. 2000
47 Step by Step Web Database Development Jim Buyens Microsoft Jul. 2000
48Swing M.Robinson Manning Feb. 2000
49 Teach Yourself-Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days Mitchell et al., Sams Jan. 2000
50 Teach yourself CGI in 24hours Rafe colburn Sams Jun. 2000
51 Teach yourself-Cold Fusion in 21 days C.Mohnike Sams Aug. 2000
52 Teach yourself-E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 days S.Walther et al., Sams Apr. 2000
53 The E-Business (R) Evolution D.Amor Prentice Hall Jan. 1999
54 The Java Developers ALMANAC 1999 P.Chan Addison-Wesley Jun. 1999
55 Thinking in JAVA Bruce Eckel Prentice Hall Jun. 2000
56 Understanding SQL and Java together Jim Melton et al. Kaufmann Jan. 2000
57 UNIX SYSTEM Administration HandBook Evi Nemeth et al. Prentice Hall Aug. 2000
58 XML Development with Java 2 C.Daconta et. Sams Oct. 2000
59 XML Processing with Phython S.McGrath Prentice Hall Oct. 2000
60 XSLT Programmer's Reference M.Kay Wrox Apr. 2000
61 Professional XML Databases Wrox Team Wrox Jan. 2001
62 Professional Java E-Commerce Ronald Ashri Wrox Mar. 2001
63 Programming Python, 2nd Edition Mark Lutz O'Reilly & Associates Mar. 2001
64 Professional Java Programming Brett Spell Wrox Jan. 2001
65 Building Enhanced HTML Help with DHTML and CSS Klein Prentice Hall Aug. 2000
66 Introducing .NET James Conard Wrox Feb. 2001
67 Java Message Service R.Monson-Haefel O'Reilly & Associates Dec. 2000
68 Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit Microsoft Team Microsoft Feb. 2001
69 XML Developer's Guide Arciniegas McGraw Hill Jan. 2001
70 Solaris8 : The Complete Reference S. Veeraraghavan McGraw Hill July 2000
71 Jini in a Nutshell Scott Oaks O'Reilly & Associates Mar. 2000