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[ IT Security ]   [ Cyberprivacy ]   [ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ]   [ HOME ] - is a subscription Internet service that prevents mass marketers, identity thieves, and others from seeing where you surf.

Linux FreeSWAN - is an authentication and encryption service that allows Linux users to create a virtual private network.

NS Clean and IE Clean - protect your browser from FTP download sites using your e-mail address, Java and JavaScript exploits, newsgroup e-mail harvesters, ICQ chat and rogue ActiveX vulnerabilities, Visual Basic scripts, networked persistent cookies, and XML persistence.

Privacy,Inc.  - is a membership service that maintains a Cyberprivacy news archive, reveals what personal information various government agencies maintain, acts as your agent in submitting Freedom of Information/Privacy act requests, and searches for your name in Internet databases.

Window Washer and Mac Washer  - automatically clean your browser’s cache, cookies, history, auto complete form data, location drip-down bar, and other tracks.

Zero-knowledge Systems - provides online privacy protection technologies for both individuals and businesses.  - Tools for Protecting Online Privacy.

Privacy tools by Shmoo group

Philip R. Zimmermann   - is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy. - privacy notes, news and articles