Migration & Conversion Software

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Desktop DNA - the quickest and most reliable way to migrate customized settings, applications and data from PC to PC and the five-star rated software for PC migration, PC refresh, OS deployment, application upgrades, and disaster recovery.

Lanovation.com - Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Migration eBook.

Connected.com - provides backup/recovery, migration, application self-healing and asset discovery.

Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition 7.0  - for Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000.

Altiris.com  - Windows 2000 and XP Migrations performing mass Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP PC migrations while at the same time preserving all individual user settings and data.

The FastforwarDNA feature of eSupport Essentials  - provides the IT desktop services group with flexible and automated PC migrations, whether the migration involves upgrading PCs with newer applications, hardware, or operating systems such as Windows 2000; or transferring data, settings and applications from one PC to another.

Stryon  - creates innovative technology for enterprise application developers to permit trouble-free application migration and deployment across multiple, disparate computing platforms.

Binaryresearch.net - Desktop DNA: Migrate, Replace, & Recover.

Migration Software  - Web Integration Solutions.

Migration 2000 - is a versatile conversion tool that migrates your Oracle Forms 3.0 based applications Forms 4.5/5.0/6.0/6i.

Kinexis DMS  - Data Migration Services.

Automation-specialists.com - Migration software solutions.

Direct-TO-1  - E-mail Migration Software.

StepUp is a PC Migration Tool - that allows the user of a new computer the ability to move data, applications and the settings of your old computer to your new computer quickly.

Miramar Systems  - System migration, & PC/Mac networking software.

Xitec-software.com - Complete solutions for migrating IBM-based ADS and CA-IDMS applications or ICL-based IDMSX applications to RDBMS products of choice running in the MVS, NT or UNIX environment.

Software Migration  - Software migration services: VAX/VMS, UNIX, Cobol, DB2, Sybase, Oracle.

Accelr8.com - EAI and Legacy Software Migration Solutions.

Migration tools  - for moving from older Business BASIC computers or proprietary Wang 2200 BASIC-2 to Open Systems, UNIX, DOS, Windows, Windows NT, NT client/server LANs, or Windows peer-to-peer LANs.

e-zest.net - specialize in providing a wide range of data conversion / migration software services.

Interguru.com  - Conversion and Migration Software Utilities.

Advtoolware.com - NT to 2000 password migration software.

Omnidex.com  - Software and services to facilitate the migration of HP e3000 customers to other computing platforms.