Microsoft Solutions for Mobile App. Development

1. Microsoft Mobile Explorer - It is an operating system-independent, air-link-agnostic, browser-based solution that delivers rich Web browsing capabilities to a wide range of mobile handsets.

2. Windows CE - It is the modular real-time embedded operating system for small-footprint, connected and mobile 32-bit intelligent devices. Windows CE combines Windows compatibility and advanced application services with support for multiple CPU architectures and built-in networking and communications options to deliver a rich, scalable, open foundation for building a variety of software.

3. Windows for the Pocket PC - Windows for the Pocket PC builds on Windows CE and it offers users and developers the broadest range of software options in the handheld PC form. It is the best mobile platform for the Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client as well as Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer. The Pocket PC platform also supports applications such as games, music, eBooks, travel management etc.

4. Microsoft's SmartPhone 2002 - Smartphone 2002 also builds on Windows CE. Smartphone 2002 combines the cost of the PDA and the best of the mobile phone to create a platform to keep people intelligently connected - whether by voice, e-mail, or other means - any time, any place. Smartphone 2002 provides users current personal information and e-mail as well as robust Web browsing capabilities through the user interface consumers expect from a phone.

5. Microsoft Mobile Information 2001 Server - Mobile Information 2001 Server extends the reach of Microsoft .NET enterprise applications, enterprise data, and intranet content to the mobile user. It delivers the corporate intranet to mobile devices from multiple vendors and wireless carriers, integrating with Microsoft .NET Enterprise servers and the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating system to extend applications so that users can securely access their e-mails, contacts, tasks, calendar or any intranet line-of--business application in real time.

6. Microsoft .NET Framework - The .NET Framework is Microsoft's next-generation platform for building, deploying, and running XML Web Services. It provides a highly productive, standards-based, multilanguage environment for integrating existing investments with next-generation applications and services as well as the agility to solve the challenges of deployment and operation of Internet-scale applications.

7. The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework - This brings the .NET Framework to smart devices such as mobile telephones, PDAs, and other handheld devices regardless of the operating system they are running. The tools and infrastructure enable rapid application development, increased productivity, a platform for integrated XML Web Services, and improved deployment and secure execution

8. Visual Studio .NET - Visual Studio .NET is the easy, productive and development tool for Windows-based, Web and mobile applications for the .NET platform. It enables developers to use the skills they have today in programming languages such as Visual Basic and Visual C++ to design, develop and use XML-based Web Services. This tool enables developers to create and use all parts of a mobile application, from the thin or smart client to the server to the services.

9. Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit - This, built on the .NET Framework and its ASP.NET Web application development environment, is a collection of server-side controls for building mobile Web applications. Each of these controls automatically senses the capabilities of the device connecting to it, and emits the correct markup language, enabling developers to create a single mobile Web application that can automatically be rendered on any number of devices, from WML-based mobile phones (WAP) to cHTML-based mobiles (Japan NTT DoCoMo's i-Mode) to HTML for PDAs such as the Pocket PC. The Mobile Internet Designer, which enables developers to drag and drop mobile controls to create mobile Web Forms, integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, giving mobile Web developers, access to the industry's most powerful application development tool.