IT Enabled Service Providers

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Google - Functional IT - Houston IT Company with products docuFIT and xIT.  i2 Technologies India Pvt Ltd - E-Business Sevices
G E Capital India - Data Processing, Revenue Accounting, Engineering & Design  Houston Technologies - Website services, Network Management, Multimedia Content Development
I Q Infotech Ltd - Medical Transcription  ICICI Infotech Services Ltd - Bank Office Operations, GIS
Healthscribe India - Medical Transcription  ITL Infotech Ltd - Medical Transcription
Infotech Enterprises Limited - Data Capture, Engineering & Design, GIS  Access Infosys - Bank Office Operations, Data Processing, Facility Management
Resource Technology - eCRM Services, e-Commerce Support, Technical Support  Amsoft Systems India Inc - Web enabled Services, Engineering & Design
American Express - Data Processing, Bank Office Operations  Customer Asset - CRM, Database Marketing, Bank Office Operations, Data Processing, Data Management
Aptech Ltd - Data Processing, Payroll Processing, Transcription Processing  e-Serve International Ltd - Data processing, Call center, Software Verification and Validation, Content Management - Data Processing, GIS, Remote Maintenance  Euroinfo - Bank Office Operations, Transcriptions (Legal), Remote Maintenance, Website Services - Transaction Processing Services, Accounting Services