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iWaySoftware - Efficiently transforming business processes by integrating existing data, applications, and environments with new systems and applications including all popular ERP, CRM, and SCM application packages; messaging technologies such as MQSeries; application technologies like Java/J2EE/JCA and XML; and new Internet technologies such as Web Services and .Net.

Mercuryinteractive.com - providing Business Technology Optimization Solutions.

NeuVis Software - provides the leading e-business rapid application development (RAD) platform for creating agile enterprise-class applications.

Roseindia.net - Developing Distributed application using Enterprise Java Beans, J2EE Architecture.

Business2.com  - Web Guide and Best Business Links

Martinfowler.com  - Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.

Wily 4 - delivers availability, performance and control so that you can monitor, improve and manage your enterprise Java applications.

webcabcomponents.com - Source for Professional J2EE Enterprise Applications.