Application Service Providers (ASPs)

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Echomail - provides solutions to help customers cope with their overflowing e-mail inboxes.

 The - delivers educational software and services to schools.
Breakaway  - A full-service provider offering CRM & e-commerce applications.  Agilera - offers full service application outsourcing for mission-critical applications, such as SAP and siebel.
Origin ERP  - Offers a range of ERP outsourcing options. Aristasoft - offers J.D. Edwards applications , PCM,CRM, e-commerce and supply chain management.
Progress Software - Operates the Aspen Program to help ISVs enable their applications for ASP delivery.  BellSouth - offering application hosting in Q1 2000. E-commerce, Web, custom, and packaged applications will be included.
Critical Path - offers messaging services, including calendaring,directory services, faxing, virus scanning, X.400, telex and secure e-mail messaging. InsynQ Data Utilities - Provides network and database support and leaves the application-specific support to the software vendor or reseller.
Digex - Enables ISVs to become ASPs. Interpath Communications
SOMA Systems - Hosts vertical applications to SMEs in the United States. UUNET Technologies - Provide Technical support for Internet Solutions
Verio - Provides several Internet solutions, including Web hosting . Internet access, e-business, and security services. eALITY - An application utility provider of basic HR administration, time sheets, finance and purchasing, travel and expense processes. - offering e-mail,file-sharing, calendaring, and other applications. - offers financial applications written for the Internet in an application utility model.
eOnline - Dedicated to host SAP applications. TeleComputing - For the middle and large enterprise market.
GET Internet Working  USInternetworking - An Internet Managed Application Provider.
IBM Global Services - provides software package implementation, a managed network connection, systems hardware and software, ERP application software.  Employease - An application utility provider offering its own employee benefits and HR management applications.
FutureLink  Interpath Communications
Corio ASP  NaviSite ASP - the portal for application service providers and Web services industry. - Application Service Provider (ASP): Software Outsourcing Services